Meridian Technology Center
Meridian Technology Center
1312 South Sangre Road
Stillwater, OK 74074-1899
Phone: 405-377-3333

About Us - Our Commitment
Meridian Technology Center is more than a training's a commitment. Our employees are committed to providing quality assistance to you, our client.

From innovative full-time courses to services for business and industry, our mission is to provide you with up-to-date information on the most current technological and management advances available.

From our beginning in 1973, the philosophy has been that of service, commitment and excellence. Three decades later, we have grown from an institution with two employees to an organization of over 100. This phenomenal success is a result of Meridian Technology Center's dedicated efforts to listen to your needs. From the inception, it has been a team and us, together.
We welcome you to Meridian Technology Center and encourage you to view this as your training center. Our commitment and dreams are as dynamic today as they were more than three decades ago, and we are excited to share them with you.

Our purpose at Meridian Technology Center is to make life more rewarding for all. The people we serve are YOU: industry personnel, entrepreneurs, business persons, single parents, displaced homemakers, dislocated workers, high school students...those who need skills for their livelihood or personal enhancement. Meridian Technology Center's training programs, workshops and seminars are designed to serve the needs of our patrons.

Meridian Technology Center is an adaptable, quality-driven technology training center dedicated to improving the future for everyone in the communities we serve.
We will work together to:

* identify the needs of the communities and deliver the best programs possible to meet those needs.
* assist our clients to envision and achieve their life goals.
* be the leader for economic development.
* be the most efficient and valuable public resource to the communities.
* establish Meridian Technology Center as the employer of choice in Northcentral Oklahoma.
* ensure that we are responsible stewards of all funds available to us.
* achieve our vision and fulfill the mission to make dreams become realities at Meridian Technology Center.

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