Metro Technology Centers

Metro Technology Centers
1900 Springlake Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73111-5240
T: 405-424-TECH(8324)

Our Mission
Metro Technology Centers prepares people for successful employment and life in a global society.

Our Vision
Metro Technology Centers enables students’ success in the workplace and in life by providing high-quality instruction that is innovative in design, flexible in delivery, and adaptable to changing markets and requirements. We are recognized as a vital partner in creating individual, community, and economic development in Oklahoma City. We manage our financial resources to ensure growth and sustainability of the District. We positively impact our community through a systematic commitment to public service and social responsibility. Our people are engaged, growing professionally, and are valued for their ongoing contributions to student success, their own growth, and sustainability of the organization. We model ethical behavior and focus on continuous and breakthrough improvement of processes and work systems..

Our Commitment
To be the very best we can be at serving our students and stakeholders and to find joy in doing so.

Our Core Values
* Customer-focused
* Learning-centered
* Ethical in practice
* Innovative in delivery
* Dedicated to continuous quality improvement
* Willing to do “whatever it takes”

Our Organizational Strategies

* Achieve breakthrough improvements in preparing people for work and life
* Improve student engagement and satisfaction
* Strengthen stakeholder relationships
* Strengthen financial position
* Improve faculty and staff engagement and capabilities

Our Business Strategy
We proactively seek out and market to persons and businesses who want, need, and can benefit from our programs and services. We respond with customized education and training options that will make a value-added difference to the person or business, are delivered by the ablest faculty and staff in a seamless and constructive manner, and provide opportunities for continued growth and success. We will concentrate on persons and businesses residing in the Oklahoma City geographic market area. Our intent is to be the recognized leader in providing customized education and training solutions that result in measurable outcomes for the customer.

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