Michigan College of Beauty

Michigan College of Beauty
5620 Dixie Hwy
Waterford, Michigan 48329
Phone: (248) 623-9494
Fax: (248) 623-6505

Michigan College of Beauty is located on Dixie Highway between Walton and Andersonville Road, in the Waterford Village. Our building is a one-story 4900 square feet facility with the capacity to hold 245 students. Our spacious clinic area has 24 stations and is well designed. We have a junior classroom as well as a senior classroom for advanced classes. Our manicuring classroom has 20 manicuring stations. Requirements for entrance comply with the minimum standards of the Michigan State Board of Cosmetology. Transfer students will be given credits in accordance with the regulations of the Michigan State Cosmetology Board of Cosmetology. This school admits as regular students to the Cosmetology program, only persons having a certificate of graduation from a school of secondary education, or the recognized equivalent of such certificate.

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