Money Mailer
Money Mailer

Our Mission - To help businesses get and keep more customers and to help consumers save money every day.�

A big marketing company with a very personal focus.

Since 1979, Money Mailer has been a quality leader in direct response advertising. Franchisees serve as marketing consultants to local business owners, developing customized direct response advertising programs to help increase each client's customer base. Once franchisees secure orders, they send them to our corporate facility, which executes the printing, insertion, addressing, shipping and Internet placement.

Money Mailer mails over 189 million envelopes and has more than 300 advertising franchises in 33 states, serving 30,000 clients and more than 195 business categories, individual franchisees operate on a very personal level with their clients, consistently addressing their needs and proactively suggesting marketing solutions. This connection is crucial to Money Mailer's success.

The Values and Mission.
Through our innovative marketing, production, sales, training, corporate culture, and management models, Money Mailer is dedicated to its mission: "to help businesses get and keep more customers and to help consumers save money every day." And, the company's core values determine the way in which the mission is put into practice on a daily basis:

"Act with honesty and integrity. Dedicated to serving our customers and communities. Respect for the dignity and ability of every person. Commitment to individual initiative, creativity and productivity."

- Initial Franchise Fee: $37,500 Market Development Fee: $16,500
- Total Working Capital: $60,000 Net Worth: $150,000
- Must have excellent credit and devote full time to business

Money Mailer, LLC
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