Moxie Java Franchise Opportunity
Moxie Java Franchise Opportunity

Moxie Java Concept and History
Moxie Java opened its first cafe to the residents of Boise, Idaho in 1988. This original location is in an area called Old Boise, which today still characterizes its 1890's roots. Located on Boise's historic Main Street, the original cafe was created by blending passion and knowledge of coffee with experiences in food service operations. People who experienced the original Moxie Java Cafe were enamored with its appeal and soon began inquiring as to how they too could partner with us and share the dream.

Moxie Java started franchising its concept and providing quality coffees to others. Over the years they have grown to nearly 85 Cafe's, Cart and Kiosk locations across the United States and Japan.

Today expansion of the Moxie Java Espresso Cafe network of independent franchisees continues to strengthen the brand, providing a powerful Independent Owner Network, fortifying purchasing power, lowering operating costs and increasing the return on investment of each local Moxie Java Owner.

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