Mr. Sandless Franchise
Mr. Sandless Franchise

Mr. Sandless boasts excellent high caliber references, such as the Smithsonian Institute the University of Pennsylvania, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, St. John's University, TekServe the largest Apple computer store in the world in New York and scores of other fine establishments. Company Wide, we currently service over 200 floors each and every week, and have more than 30,000 unique satisfied customers, making Mr. Sandlessâ„¢ the largest wood floor refinisher in the world!

Mr. Sandless service was featured on 4 different episodes of the HGTV Show Rip+Renew!

Mr. Sandless offers a revolutionary way to refinish hard wood floors. We do it without odor, without the high cost of sanding, and without the mess that sanding leaves behind. That’s because we do it without sanding!

We’re sure you’ve heard the saying: "build a better mouse trap". Well that's exactly what we’ve done here at Mr. Sandless! The axiom is true -- people do beat a path to our door! We’ve gained clients at every single turn, whether we are in line at the grocery store, working on a residential home, parked on a street corner, or on the phone, by fax and by e-mail.

Most impressively, we have received hundreds of calls for our service from all over the country and even around the world. This is despite the fact that we don’t advertise anywhere except our home base! The reason is simple. People are searching for a better way to fulfill their wood floor needs. We offer that "better way" here at Mr. Sandless, and invite you to join us in bringing it to the world!

Our Franchise Model for you includes:
Large Exclusive Territories: We know what you are looking for and what you deserve! We intend to make every single owner completely successful and satiated with clients. There is no reason for us to have another owner knocking at your back door, when you can just as easily add another truck to fill the orders, and put that extra profit in your own pocket!

An Easy to Learn System: We have had staff complete floors for us with just 2 days training! You can do this too and we'll give you 5 full days of class and field training to make sure!

Home Based Business with Low Overhead: You don’t have to be rich to come on board with us!

Extensive Training and Support: We will do what it takes to make your business a success and we’ll be there at every turn. Just ask our current owners and they will tell you that we are there for them!

No National Competition: Mr. Sandless is one of a kind! Together we will take over a vast portion of the sanding market, while we not only build huge profits, but answer the needs of a hungry client base searching for what we offer.

No mess, no fuss, quick turnaround time, and half the cost of sanding: Best of all, our service achieves excellent results! You’ve got to see why our clients cry, hug us, jump up and down, scream out, pat us on the back, and tip us all the time! There is a great pride that comes with a specialty service such as ours and you can share in the excitement of it all!

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