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Classmates Media Corporation operates leading online social networking and online loyalty marketing services under the Classmates and MyPoints brands. The company's success is driven by its expertise in growing and monetizing large audiences in a cost effective manner and enabling advertisers to reach online consumers effectively. Large membership bases and rich databases of member information provide Classmates Media with a significant competitive advantage.

Online Social Networking Services
The company's online social networking Web sites enable users to locate and interact with acquaintances from high school, college, work and the military. Led by its flagship Classmates Web site in the United States (, the company serves more than 40 million registered accounts, including 3.5 million pay accounts as of March 31, 2008. Members have contributed to the company's social networking Web sites a substantial amount of distinct, relevant pieces of content that helps attract new social networking members and returning Web site visits from existing members.

The company operates three international social networking services with a focus on reconnecting school acquaintances, including StayFriends in Germany (, StayFriends in Sweden ( and Trombi in France (

Online Loyalty Marketing Services
The company's online loyalty marketing service, MyPoints (, provides advertisers with an effective means to reach a large online audience with targeted marketing campaigns. The MyPoints program also enables consumers to earn points-based rewards by responding to email offers, completing online surveys, shopping online and engaging in other online activities. Rewards points are redeemable in the form of third-party gift cards and other benefits from over 60 merchants, including retailers, theaters, restaurants, airlines and hotels.

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