Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shoppers

MYSTERY SHOPPERS is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. We do customer service evaluations for businesses nationwide. We are hired by a business to evaluate customer service and quality control. Mystery Shoppers was founded in 1994 by Beverly D. Gleason, Tiffany Gleason and Trisha Amburn. In a very short time, this family-owned business has expanded to a nationwide company dedicated to improving the quality of service for businesses.

The purpose of Mystery Shoppers is to help businesses increase sales and improve employee customer service awareness. We provide businesses with more information than other mystery shopping companies through the use of questionnaires and detailed narratives. These questionnaires provide businesses with an unbiased opinion of how they are perceived by the customer. We relieve the owner of this added responsibility. Business owners who are presently using our services are now getting a more realistic picture of how their customers perceive their company.

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Mystery Shoppers
P.O. Box 50578
Knoxville, TN 37950

Phone (865) 450-8841
Toll-free (800) 424-0871
Fax (865) 450-8839


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