National Concierge Association (NCA)

National Concierge Association (NCA)

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Our Mission: Enhancing Concierge Services and Increasing Member Revenue

Webster's dictionary defines Concierge as a French word meaning "gatekeeper" or "keeper of the keys". The position has its origins going back to the time of palaces and castles in ancient France. The royal household employed a "Concierge" whose job it was to see to the needs of VIP visitors as well as to hold the keys to the many castle rooms. The "key" remains a symbol of the Concierge profession to this day.

Carrying the position forward into modern times, Hotels throughout the world have long known that having a concierge service on site lends value as an amenity to hotel guests. In today's business world, that ancient tradition of hospitality gives corporations a competitive edge in terms of tenant retention and employee satisfaction. In recent years Concierge services may be found in hotels and Class A Office Towers, retail settings, and residential, civic, entertainment, academic and medical properties as well as privately owned Concierge services from which the general public may gain access to the service.

The National Concierge Association (NCA) defines the title of Concierge as an individual whose principal occupational responsibility is to facilitate, or to arrange for the facilitation, of any request placed by a client, visitor, guest or tenant, providing the request is legal, ethical and appropriate for the Concierge to do.

The National Concierge Association (NCA) was established in Dallas, Texas out of a need by a group of Concierge professionals to create a format for networking on a local, national and international basis with other Concierges and venues of all types.

The NCA today has members worldwide representing the corporate, hotel, retail, entertainment, academic, civic, medical, residential and privately owned sectors of the hospitality industry.

Our founding principle is to provide unlimited and unparalleled networking and educational opportunities to its members both Concierge and affiliated businesses as well as to promote the industry worldwide.

In addition to the great networking opportunities and educational resources, the NCA affords its members opportunities to earn designations. These designations are awarded based on a certain level of criteria the members must demonstrate.

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