National Federation of Professional Trainers

National Federation of Professional Trainers

About Us

NFPT-CPT has earned its esteemed achievement of National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accreditation! National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) is a well established and long-standing organization having been enacted in February, 1988. The NFPT-CPT assessment is developed and independently governed by its Certification Council, designated staff members, and entities to include Schroeder Measurement Technologies (SMT). The Certification Council and its assignees have complete autonomy and governance over the policies, procedures and proctoring protocols relating to NFPT-CPT exam delivery with absolutely NO undue influence from any organizational Agents, Boards, or NFPT Operational Departments. The NFPT maintains a completely separate Board of Education serving no other function or interest other than the development, delivery, review, and timely revisions of its education programs for the fitness professional.

Our NFPT-CPT *Standard Personal Trainer Certification program curriculum is currently being taught in several colleges across the country. We also have over 55 locations where candidates can take the NFPT-CPT and hands-on practical workshops as well.

NFPT has an 18 year history of providing both quality education as well as professional credentialing and is currently moving the industry forward by legitimizing "Certification" credentialing through our NFPT-CPT assessment validation and third party accreditation with NCCA!

Mission Statement
It is our continuing organizational mission through vision and insight to lead the personal training industry, through quality in education and credentialing, into a future of public and government respect, trust, and confidence. As a professional fitness organization it is clearly our intention to work in any way possible to provide fitness trainers with the educational tools needed to address failing health in America. We intend to lead by example in this effort.

As an NCCA Accredited certifying agency, NFPT is actively assisting the International Health & Racquet Sports club Association (IHRSA). It is our position that accreditation is the only way to legitimately provide certification credentialing. We will engage in activities that pro-actively educate fitness professionals in the area of standardization in an effort to improve industry credibility. With our NFPT-CPT NCCA accreditation, our ultimate goal is to raise the bar in the personal training industry to a level that is respected by the allied health professions, the public, and government alike.

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