Nerd Force Franchise
Nerd Force Franchise

Nerd Force is an on site computer and technology solutions company. We support small business and residential computer users nationwide by providing all of our services at our clients homes or offices.

As Your Local Technology Department our goal is to populate every neighborhood with local Certified Nerds capable of providing the highest level of computer, network and technology services including New Computer or Peripheral Installations, Wired and Wireless Networking, Troubleshooting, Repairs, Virus and Spyware Removal, Internet Security, Data Backup, Hardware and Software Installations, and One-On-One Training. Our Certified Nerds will even support devices such as MP3 Players, iPods, PDA's and Blackberries.

Our technicians hold, at the very least, an A+ Certification and can support any computer, laptop, application, or mobile device - no matter where it was purchased or what brand it is. We are not affiliated with any "big box" retailer therefore will recommend only the best products and provide the most objective solutions in the industry.

For immediate support call the Nerd Force at 1-800-979-NERD or Click Here to complete our online service request form.

Please visit the website for more information.

Initial Franchise Fee per Territory: $12,000, Each Additional Territory: $8,000, VetFran Offer: $8,000
New Nerd Force® franchisees must pay us an Initial Franchise Fee for each exclusive territory (Approximately 120,000 people). The Initial Franchise Fee is used to pay for initial training sessions, promotional materials, and ongoing administrative, marketing, accounting and legal costs. VetFran Candidates and existing IT businesses interested in converting their brand to Nerd Force are offered $4,000 off the Initial Franchise Fee.

Initial Local Advertising per Territory: $5,000
With full support from Nerd Force® and during the first six months of operations each franchisee is responsible for Initial Local Advertising within the vicinity of their franchise territory. A very important part in the successful development of each franchise is an aggressive advertising campaign which is largely funded by this fee.

Nerd Force Vehicle (Scion XB): $0 - $16,000
Our franchisees must own or lease a vehicle sufficient to operate the franchise. In order to maintain brand uniformity the vehicle we have approved is a 2005 or later Scion XB, yellow in color containing the approved Nerd Force® vehicle decals. Other similar vehicles may be approved by us.

Start-up Investments: $4,600 - $12,500
We have found that the initial investment for items such as local advertising material, down payments, office expenses, business insurance, etc. will range between $4,600 and $12,500. These numbers will range depending on whether a franchisee decides to operate their business from home or a corporate office.

Working Capital: $7,500 - $8,500
These funds are allocated for miscellaneous costs that a typical business can face during its initial stages, including supplies, lease costs, additional equipment, and initial payroll.

Royalty Fee: $400 per Month (50% off for each additional territory)
In order to fund our on-going support and administrative services to our franchisees they must pay us a flat monthly fee starting at $400. The royalty fee is increased to $500 per month during year two, $600 per month during year three, $700 per month during year four, and finally $800 per month during year five. In order to promote franchisee success Nerd Force does not charge any other royalty fees.

Advertising Development Fee: $100 per Month
The monthly advertising fee is also placed in our advertising and marketing account and is used to fund our regional and national marketing campaigns. This fee starts at $100 per month and is increased to $150 per month during year two, $200 per month during year three, $250 per month during year four, and finally $300 per month during year five.

Overall, we have found that the initial startup investment can range between $25,100 and $54,000 for a territory with an approximate population of 120,000. A detailed breakdown of start-up investments is available in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

Nerd Force Headquarters

Nerd Force Headquarters
97 New Dorp Plaza, Second Floor
Staten Island, NY 10306

Telephone: 1-718-370-6147
Fax: 1-718-370-6731

Toll Free: 1-800-979-NERD (6373)
Form: Service Request Form

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