Net Lawman Legal Documents Affiliate Program
Net Lawman Legal Documents Affiliate Program

Why Net Lawman?
* We have the largest collection of online legal documents and forms.
* We provide best quality documents (all of which are drawn by professional solicitors and barristers) and fantastic customer service.
* We have a fantastic range of marketing tools which allow affiliates to more easily promote the documents. Choose from graphic ads, text ads, page peels, light boxes and banners.
* We go above and beyond by paying our affiliates more than any other online legal services provider.
* Legal documents are not impulse purchases. So we track your customers for 60 days. If they return within that time, we count them as 'yours' and you receive commission on documents they purchase.
* You choose what to sell. Sell the entire document collection, just a category (for example, the property documents or e-commerce documents), or simple select particular documents that you think your customers will be interested in (for example, our Website Privacy Policy, or Shareholders agreements) by linking straight to them. Our latest addition is a Divorce and Separation guide.

What is the market for legal documents?
Unlike other products, legal documents will always be in demand - it is often a breach of the law not to have them. Many clients choose us because traditional solicitor's fees are too high and they cannot monitor the work they instruct for. Compare that with our cost effective prices and transparent document service and you can see why Net Lawman legal documents are an excellent choice for competitive businesses.

When will I receive Commission?
Your commission rate is 25% of the gross sale price, minus any taxes. We make no prior deduction for bank costs or anything else. You get 25%, period. You will also get 5% and 2% commission for 2nd and 3rd levels.

As the commission you have earned is over £10 for any month (and we expect it to be much more than this!), you will be paid at the very beginning of the following month. Anything less than £10 is carried forward to the next month.

We calculate commission using 'iDEV' - the very best affiliate tracking software around. The programme provides real time statistics, so that you can check up how you are doing at any time.

Visit the web site to learn more.
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