Network Marketing / MLM Home Based Business Success

Network Marketing / MLM Home Based Business Success

Hello! My name is Eldon Beard. I appreciate you stopping by! Like many, I tried a number of MLM / network marketing business opportunities and at one point just about gave up for good. I was frustrated, and tired of trying to convince people to sign up with me.

My first experience was with Amway. I did not do well. I couldn’t relate to the way I was taught to build that business. I exhausted considerable time and energy trying to sell people on what a great business I had. “Fake it ’till you make it” was the battle cry. That approach just didn’t appeal to me.

After Amway, I signed up with Shaklee and later tried a couple other promising opportunities. I enjoyed some success, but not what I was looking for. I knew there had to be more to this - a better way, perhaps.

During the mid-1990’s, I had the privilege to serve as the moderator and leader of the “MLM Forum” on America Online. In this position, I learned a lot about the industry and what it takes to succeed. I enjoyed meeting and learning from some of the top leaders in the MLM / network marketing world.

During my time with AOL, I discovered some new ways to approach MLM and network marketing that made a tremendous difference in my attitude and success in this industry.

Two things became very clear to me:
* it makes no sense trying to convince people to join my business
* it makes sense to be professional and have opportunity seekers contacting me when they are ready to do something

Just grasping this concept and moving past the old fashioned, pushy, hype-filled approach to MLM / network marketing was such a relief!

I am passionate about is helping others find the right home based business and achieve success. This is one of the main reasons I have built this site. I hope I am helping you, in some way, on your journey to success.

Please visit the website to learn more.

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