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New Beginning College of Cosmetology
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What NBCC Teaches you in 1500 hours:
We know some people ask "What does NBCC teach us in 1500 hours". So here is breakdown to get you more tuned in with our college and help you make your decision to become a part of NBCC team!

Life Skills:
Learn how to set goals to be motivated. Learn how to speak positive about all things. Life is what you make of it. When you look at a glass filled 1/2 with water, do you look at it as being half empty or half full?

Chemistry of the hair :
Hair is composed of different levels. Learn how and why the hair takes chemicals that way it does. Learn how to prevent mistakes.

Braiding and extensions:
Extension are becoming a big thing. Learn how to increase your income by bringing in new techniques.

Permanent Wave Techniques:
Perms may come and go but they will always come back around for a second run. Learn the correct way to put in perms and how to prevent accidents from happening with a perm.

Color and Foiling:
NBCC teaches a lot on color and foiling. 80% of your success comes with knowing how to communicate with your client.

This field is just a important to take sanitary precautions as a doctor. NBCC teach you the proper sanitary precautions to take.

NBCC teach you all about the different types of haircuts and how to use your implements correctly.

You can offer your client so much more when learning all areas and showing clients correct care for their wig and letting them know there are options that can be done with a wig.

Learn how to take care of your clients skin.

Facial Makeup:
Not everyone can wear the same colors and apply their makeup the same way. Learn all facial shapes and different types of makeup techniques.

Manicures and Pedicures:
NBCC will teach you how to really pamper your client.

Advanced Nail Techniques:
All students will learn how apply nails. That gives a cosmetologist a wide range to choose when starting in this field.

Hair Removal :
All students will learn correct procedure for removing hair from facial, legs, and under arms.

Salon Business:
NBCC feels everyone needs to know how to manage a business. We'll give you the skills to help you understand how to do the effectively and professionally.

Seeking Employment:
The last month of your training we will teach you about management, setting goals, how to seek out potential clients, and seek employment. We have always in the past had success placing our students in a job.

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