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Next Level Solutions, although a young company that began in 2003, offers almost 20 years of telemarketing experience to their clients. It was founded by Valentin Hurtado (President) and Nicholas Gianfortune (CEO) who both came from a call center that ceased operations, leaving all of it’s employees (including Val – Call Center Manager and Nick – Director, Client Services) unemployed and with no advanced notice. Val and Nick decided to open their own call center in which they were able to implement their own ideas and strategies for creating a call center that focused on the client’s needs and goals and put quality above all other factors in the company.

In just the first year, NLS was able to secure enough clients to hire 25 employees (most of which were absorbed from the layoff from the previous call center they worked for) with 12 dialing stations and two clients (The San Francisco Chronicle and Citibank, Citicorp) who helped lay the foundation for their success.

During the past year, NLS has obtained several other clients in the newspaper industry which has been their core competency in growing their business. Although NLS plans to expand from 12 stations to 24 stations in the near future (in order to take on client demands), both Val and Nick wish to keep their call center small and manageable, allowing them to give their clients the kind of attention and focus that only smaller companies can truly provide. This formula has proven successful as NLS has been able to outperform their competition on all levels (i.e., sales per hour, closing percentage, retention figures, quality of orders) and yet never having to sacrifice quality for performance.

Our company took two important steps to improve call quality. One was by abandoning traditional commission-based fee structures in favor of simple hourly rates. In addition we developed a new call management model called “Positive Call Results” that expanded the definition of successful telemarketing to include sales and image components. We judge our calls to be successful when sales are made, information is shared and when customers feel good about the way they were treated.

10 East Olive Avenue
Fresno, CA 93728

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1.866.DIAL.NLS (1-866-342-5657)

Fax Number: 559.457.0447

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