Nolan Research

Nolan Research
2569 Bell Rd.
Montgomery, AL 36117
Phone: (334) 284-4164
Fax: (334) 286-9788

In 1980, a stay-at-home mother decided she wanted a part time job where she could work flexible hours and take her children along and work the necessary hours around their schedules. She also became a foster parent, making her home and business a place for all the children to grow and learn the values needed for the world they faced. In 1989 she expanded her business to a strip mall, employing her first focus group facility. In 2000, she expanded again, into the free-standing facility on Bell Rd.

Deidra K. Nolan, founder, after over 20 years still provides a training ground for young people. She and her two life long friends, Rebecca McDonald and Isabel Barnes, became partners in 1996. They employ high school and college students to learn communication skills, self- esteem, and the work ethic necessary to enter today's business world.

Today, Nolan Research is a prominent research firm, with a large database of respondents both locally and nationwide. They gather data and information for research projects all over the United States.

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