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Our Cosmetology Program is a glamorous, practical and immediately applicable technical program designed to teach the art of cosmetics for the skin, hair and nails, and the proper applications of products to individual patrons. Because the cosmetology field involves many different areas, students will be exposed to a wide variety of situations including manicuring, facial massages, scalp treatments, permanent waving, hair tinting and bleaching, and business salesmanship to name a few. The curriculum is directly related to the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology laws and licensing. As styles and fashions change and new regulations and hour requirements change, the curriculum is continually updated.

In the first two months of the program, the instructors introduce various subjects and techniques through lecture, textbook material, and demonstrations. The remaining 1180 hours will provide students the opportunity to gain practical experience working with the public in actual job situations. This “ hands-on” instruction involves receptionist desk management, appointment scheduling, student and mannequin practice, daily customer appointments, dispensary procedures and proper use of equipment. Students also learn sales techniques, customer relations, Kansas State Board of Cosmetology Rules & Regulations, and business training.

During this remaining seven-month period, students perform practical services for customers and perfect their skills. Each student will keep a daily record of the number and type of services provided. This progress record will be submitted to the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology at the conclusion of the program as the official report of hours and services.

Students should be prepared to complete the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology licensing requirements by taking a written exam and a practical exam.

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