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How NOVUS Got its Start
It was during the early 1970s when Dr. Frank Werner (who at the time owned and operated an aircraft instrumentation engineering company, called Rosemount Engineering) decided to exit the corporate world to focus solely on - his strong passion for creating inventions. Werner, who had invented and patented the first Rosemount fitted buckle ski boots, founded Origin, Inc. - a testing laboratory and commercial-physical research company in Wyoming. After having three windshields replaced due to small breaks caused from the rough terrain of the Wyoming landscape, Werner felt he needed to find a solution to fix breaks without having to dispose of the entire windshield. The combination of his curiosity, driven determination and help from chemical engineer Bill Wiele led to the discovery of windshield repair.

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What are the financial requirements?
Net Worth:
- $100,000 - Fixed Location Franchise
- $ 50,000 - Mobile Franchise
- 25% of total initial investment ($10,262 - $46,274) cash investment
- Must be cash or cash equivalent available for injection into the business
Total Initial Investment:
- Range : $14,500 - $190,000. Mobile and Co- Brand require lower investments. Fixed location programs require more funding.

- Includes initial franchise fee, education, tools & equipment, vehicle(s), beginning inventory, computer software/hardware, telephone expenses, attorney and accounting fees, insurance premiums, ID package, 3 mo. working capital.
Note: if you are considering a fixed retail location the land costs and site improvements are not included in the above mentioned initial investment range.

Continuing Fees:
- 5% Replacement, 8% Repair and all other services/products sold, or the minimum monthly royalties, which ever are greater. All Royalties are based on gross revenue.

Initial franchise fee
- $7500

Eagle Creek Commerce Center East
12800 Highway 13 South, Suite 500
Savage, MN 55378

(800) 77-NOVUS

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