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Online Wedding / Event Planner School
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Wedding and Event Planning is a Big Business! online wedding and event planning school

How much could you earn working in the $125 billion wedding and event industry? Since the average cost of a wedding or event is $28,000 (and rising!) and the typical planning fee for a planner is 10% to 15%, you could make $2,800 to $4,200 for one, standard-sized wedding or event!

And imagine this - a full-time, experienced planner can organize 20 to 30 events per year. That's right! That means top Wedding/Event Planners can earn between $56,000 and $126,000 a year! It's no wonder so many Planners are perfectly content working part-time.

Our team of professional planners and expert educators have designed this course to give you all the skills required to make it in the business. All you need to get started is the willingness to learn. All the technical language you’d expect to find in ordinary textbooks has been carefully reviewed and rewritten in simple, everyday terms that make it easy to understand.

Wedding and Event Planning Course online wedding and event planning school
In as little as 4 months you can be ready to start your own at-home wedding and event planning business! We ship everything you need right to your door---lessons, supplements, gifts and more!

Study at your own pace. Instructors are available year-round by phone, email, fax or US mail. Submit your assignments online, by fax or US mail. Enroll today and download your first lesson while we ship your materials to you!

And the help doesn't stop when you complete your course. All of our graduates receive unlimited career support from our staff of veteran guidance counselors. At U.S. Career Institute, we believe in our students. Your success is our success!

You get everything you need to know in easy-to-understand lessons, supplements and special learning aids. You progress step-by-step from the basics of wedding and event planning into advanced training in organizing large conventions, fundraisers and trade shows. This gives you a preview of what you will learn.

Here is a complete list of the Instruction Packages, lessons and supplements you will receive.

Wedding & Event Planning Instruction Pack I

Welcome to the World of Event Planning
Wedding and Event planners provide valuable services. Learn exactly what each kind of planner does and what salaries wedding and event planners may expect.

Wedding and Event Planner
Learn how wedding planners help their clients realize wedding dreams by shooting for the stars and keeping both feet on the ground. Explore what wedding planners do in a typical day and how important the wedding planner is in making weddings successful.

In addition, you’ll learn about the person behind the scenes of special events such as a benefits, community celebrations, and conventions. Learn how the event planner spends a typical day and what role she plays in making each event memorable.

Kick-Off Your Event Planning
Review the important role of the event planner in fulfilling her client’s vision. Learn the important questions to ask in an initial client interview and how to explain your services.

Cut the Cake—Managing Your Clients’ Resources
This lesson shows you what items to consider as you help your client draw up a budget and how to cut costs. You’ll also learn who traditionally pays for which wedding elements.

Event Details
Learn how to make decisions about location, catering, decorations and atmosphere. Explore what specifics to consider for corporate events, parties, banquets, benefits, fund-raisers, community events, conventions, conferences and trade shows.

Speakers, Sponsors and Teamwork
Learn how to make decisions about speakers, special guests and entertainment for various types of events. Learn how to get sponsors, how to market the event and what the role of the event planner is during the event. You will also learn how to deal with corporations and keep your client happy.

Also included in Pack I:
• Study Organizer #1
• Wedding & Event Planning Interviews Sample CD's
• U.S. Career Institute Post-it® Notes
• Wedding and Event Consultant's Forms
• Student Assistance Forms
• School Catalog
• Course Introduction

Wedding & Event Planning Instruction Pack II

Gratuities, Courtesies, Codes and Laws
Discover about the legal matters that will help you be a more effective event planner, such as hospitality law, labor unions, tips, liability and Health Department regulations.

Show Me the Money—Fundraising Events
Learn the steps for planning a benefit for a local nonprofit organization and then put what you’ve learned into practice by planning a similar benefit with its own theme.

Let’s Get Together—Community Events
Learn the steps for planning a community event and then put what you’ve learned into practice by planning a similar event with its very own theme.

Break out the Champagne—Engagement Parties
Learn about different styles of engagement announcements and when and where they should be placed. Learn how to help your clients organize engagement parties and what advice to give them about rings.

Wedding Bells are Ringing—Plan a Wedding
This lesson takes you through the early stages of planning a wedding, from conducting the initial client interview and explaining your services to establishing the who, what, when and where of the big day. You’ll familiarize yourself with the questions a good wedding planner asks to help a client make the important decisions. In addition, you’ll learn about each stage of planning a hotel wedding and then put what you’ve learned into practice by planning a similar wedding yourself.

Plan Wedding-Related Events
This lesson shows how to plan showers, other pre-wedding parties, a wedding rehearsal and a post-wedding brunch. Learn the role of the wedding planner during these events. You’ll explore gift etiquette and learn how to coordinate the giving and receiving of gifts.

Also included in Pack II:
• Wedding and Event Planner’s Forms
• Wedding and Event Planner’s Guide Organizer with Tabs
• Wedding and Event Consultant's Forms
• Professional Development Series: Part I
• Quiz Answer Sheets and Envelopes

Wedding & Event Planning Instruction Pack III

Discover how to handle the many details that make each wedding special, including invitations and other printed matter, clothing, flowers, music, photography and food.

Here Comes the Bride—Plan the Wedding Ceremony
Familiarize yourself with various types of wedding ceremonies, from different religious ceremonies to weddings with a special theme. Learn about the meaning and history of traditional elements of ceremonies and how to help your bride and groom customize their ceremony.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry—Plan the Reception
Learn how to choose a site for the reception, work with site managers and coordinate details such as decorations, music, seating, liquor and the wedding cake.

Formal Religious Ceremonies
Learn about each stage of planning a formal religious ceremony and then put what you’ve learned into practice by planning a similar wedding yourself.

Special Circumstances
Learn how to handle special circumstances such as remarriage, divorced parents and renewal of vows. Learn about the legal matters involved in prenuptial agreements, living trusts, names changes, marriage licenses and protection of children’s interests.

Also included in Pack III:
• Wedding Invitation Sampler Kit
• Photography Sampler Kit
• Wedding Flashcards
• Professional Development Series: Part II
• Wedding Music Samples CD
• Answer Sheets and Return Envelopes

Wedding & Event Planning Instruction Pack IV
Get Me to the Church on Time—Coordinate the Wedding and Reception
This lesson explains the role the planner plays on the day of the wedding. Learn how to work with other wedding professionals and coordinate their services. Discover how to handle the different parts of the ceremony, how to work with photographers, what to do during the reception and what to do when problems arise.

“Just Married!”—Planning Honeymoons
Learn to help your clients plan their honeymoon, from helping them choose a location and arranging transportation to providing useful travel tips.

Write a Business Plan
This lesson will help you develop a successful plan for your home wedding and event planning business. You will establish your goals, and estimate your start-up costs and cash flow.

Set Your Fees and Write Contracts
Learn about different ways to set your fees, estimate costs, and determine profit margins. Learn how to write an effective client contract and how to customize the contract to specific situations.

Also included in Pack IV:
• Daily Planner and Address Book
• Professional Development Series: Part III
• Quiz Answer Sheets and Envelopes

Wedding & Event Planning Instruction Pack V
Market Your Wedding and Event Planning Business
Learn the best ways to get your business into the public eye.

Bookkeeping, Recordkeeping and Legal Issues
Learn how to take care of the nitty-gritty details of bookkeeping, record keeping, taxes, permits and insurance in order to make sure your business runs smoothly.

Put it All Together
Use what you know about wedding and event planning for a real-world scenario. You’ll also learn how to start your own Wedding and Event Planner business.

Also included in Pack V:
• Events Marketing Kit
• Guide to Setting Up a Home Office
• Wedding and Event Planner Jobs Finder
• Quiz Answer Sheets and Envelopes

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