Oogles n Googles Franchise
Oogles n Googles Franchise

What is Oogles n Googles?
Two hours of fun-filled, zany non-stop action, imagination, games, songs, twisting, and shouting are all elements of an Oogles n Googles specialty kids' birthday party. Oogles n Googles is a highly successful, professional children's turnkey party provider. Each Oogles n Googles birthday party comes with a fully-themed storyline, a themed cake, a uniquely themed goody bag, a souvenir photo, a special gift for the guest of honor, and a memorable birthday experience.

Oogles n Googles owners Kevin and Danya Mendell have created a children's entertainment company that offers a completely unique birthday and enrichment programs for young children and their parents. Mendells, who have three young children-ages, two-years-old to nine-years-old, were frustrated with their own inability to find a unique party experience for their children. Thus the concept for the Indianapolis-based Oogles n Googles was born.

"I've always been a theatrical person, and I know kids enjoy that kind of interaction so we decided to add that dynamic to our business with themes popular with children today," comments Kevin Mendell. "From there, Danya began writing party scripts and enrichment programs. We're creating real entertainment for the children. No one gets bored, and the parents watch their children from the sidelines," continues Mendell.

Oogles n Googles parties have been chosen by the nation's number one children's museum, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, as their official birthday party provider in charge of all their museum birthday parties. The Children's Museum of Indianapolis selected Oogles n Googles, a turnkey children's party provider, to be their birthday party host company because they wanted a team of experienced professionals to handle their party program. Events Sales Manager Kristy Boone said, "We definitely have the facility to host an extraordinary birthday party, we just needed an expert to create an amazing all-inclusive-themed experience."

Oogles n Googles can provide birthday party facilitation services at any type of venue-wherever parties are part of the overall program mix. Oogles n Googles ' parties work in family entertainment facilities, children's museums, children's zoos, and anywhere birthday party services are needed. There are also Oogles n Googles party franchises available. "Oogles n Googles can come into any entertainment venue and run high-quality birthday events and at the same time relieve management of all the headaches associated with running a successful program," states Oogles n Googles President Kevin Mendell.

Mendells believe that their parties are for today's over-committed, time-limited parents who, despite their overwhelming schedules, still just want a wholesome, fun, and memorable birthday party for their children. Oogles n Googles parties take all this into consideration and put forth a party that is easy on mom and dad and eventful for all who are involved.

Oogles n Googles parties are lively and designed to razzle and dazzle birthday guests non-stop from start to finish. Some of the activities kids will find themselves doing during an Oogles n Googles party includes: crafts, singing, dress up activities, playing party games, dancing, and being entertained.

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