Opinions, Ltd.

Opinions, Ltd.

About Us
An idea takes flight…

Mark and Laura Kikel established Opinions, Ltd. in late 1998, working from the guestroom of their Chagrin Falls bungalow. The company was founded with the idea of remaining a small business in order to give their clients the best possible attention to detail using a personal, hands on approach by the owners in controlling all aspects of an assignment.

All that glitters isn’t gold…
Having observed several of their large-scale competitors, with the mediocrity, and lack of professionalism akin to them, Mark and Laura felt that the key to growing a reputable field service was to provide strict attention to intense training, following complete screening criteria, and thorough probing. All work is to be done according to exact client specifications, with the aim of steady daily progress in order to complete projects ahead of schedule. It sounds simple, but why expect anything less? It’s what makes Opinions, Ltd. a field agency that’s different… and better!

The world is closer than you think…
Opinions Ltd. is in full throttle going down the information superhighway. All of their sites are equipped with ISDN or DSL broadband internet access. With a marked increase in internet-based CAPI studies, all of their branches have interviewing stations fitted with PC’s with internet, and TV / VCRs. Staying up to date with the newest technology allows them to meet all of your data collection needs. With a click of a mouse Opinions Ltd. can transmit data at any convenient time.

And the winner is…
You need a field service to be responsive to your needs with no worries or hassles. You’re sure to be a winner when you partner with Opinions Ltd. for all your data collection and field management needs.

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Opinions Ltd.
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