Pet Butler Franchise Opportunity

Pet Butler Franchise Opportunity

Company Info: Our Mission
Pet Butler was founded in 1988 providing poo-fessional pet waste cleanup and removal to individual yards, parks, and multi-family communities. After removing the filth and small trash from your property we bag, disinfect and take it all away with us. We also offer various other related products and services dependent on your location.

Pet Butler was founded with a specific, two-part objective in mind:

1. To make life for pet owners more convenient, enjoyable, and safe thus affording the owners more time with their beloved pets, yard and family.

2. To help provide time, money and services to benefit animals, our environment and community.

We are proud to consistently be accomplishing these goals.

We will provide the best pet waste cleanup and small trash removal experience for our customers. We will do this in a way that will foster the continuous improvement of our people and our company. Our overall purpose is to take away hassles from our customers and allow them to enjoy their yard and pets more.

We will be a top performing, thoroughly professional, and genuinely caring organization in all that we do.

Beliefs and Values

* Honor God in all we doo.
* We will be at the top when measured against appropriate business standards of performance in every function, in every property, in every way.
* We will pursue quality and profitability with an aim to grow our business and provide enjoyable jobs with fair compensation for our associates.
* The development and happiness of our associates is essential to our existence and future success. We will provide numerous incentives to encourage the long-term employment and advancement of all Pet Butler/Integriserv associates.
* We will pursue excellence and strive for constant improvement and innovation in all that we do.
* We will earn and re-earn the good will, trust and confidence of our customers, franchisees and colleagues every day.
* The highest ethical standards will guide everything we do.

Corporate Headquarters:
5300 Town and Country Blvd
Ste 440
Frisco TX 75034

Phone: 1-800-PET-BUTLER (738-2885)

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