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Pet Groomer - ICS Canada


Learn how to become a Pet Groomer – at home, at your own pace.

There are certain skills you need to begin a career as a Pet Groomer. The ICS Canada Pet Groomer Course helps you learn them quickly and conveniently. You'll learn about:
* Basics and equipment of pet grooming.
* Maintenance and care of kennels and crates.
* Dog types, personalities, and handling.
* Cat types, personalities, and handling.
* Basic health care of dogs and cats.

And you'll learn it all at home – no classroom needed!
This ICS Canada distance learning course is like having your own personal Pet Groomer School!

Request more information today or enrol online and get started on a new career – it's fast and it's easy!

Start a creative, moneymaking career in a growing field.
Why complete a Pet Groomer training course? With the right credentials, you can:

* Increase your earning power and job security.
* Work for a grooming salon, pet shop, or start your own business.
* Work for a veterinary clinic or kennel.

Remember – Because pet ownership is on the rise, there's an increasing demand for skilled professionals to keep dogs and cats bathed, brushed, and trimmed!

Contact ICS Canada Today.
We'll send you FREE information with absolutely no obligation! Find out more about complete Pet Groomer Training that includes:

* All the books, lessons, equipment, and learning aids you need.
* Grooming tools and consultation privileges.
* Unlimited instructional support.
* Access to student services by phone, mail, and website.

Get more information today, and in as little as six months from enrollment – you can be a professional Pet Groomer!

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