Portland Beauty School

Portland Beauty School
8230 NE Siskiyou St
Portland,OR 97220
Phone: 503-255-6303
Fax: 503-262-8499
Email: info@portlandbeautyschool.com

Portland Beauty School invites you to experience our incredible training facility as a student or as a valued client.

Our courses in Hair Design, Nail Care, Esthetics, and Massage Therapy are specifically designed to bring you the highest level of educational training. You can choose the full cosmetology program or any course individually. We have a proven track record of successful graduates who are confident, qualified, and capable of entering the salon environment immediately as professionals.

Portland Beauty School is proud to be licensed through the Oregon Dept. of Education as a “Competency-Based” Cosmetology School. This allows our students to progress through their training at their individual rate, thus eliminating the mandatory hour requirements. With Competency-Based Training, you have an opportunity to graduate in a shorter amount of time.

We offer full- and part-time courses; and in many cases, we can prescribe a flexible training schedule, allowing you to go to school, while adhering to your previous commitments. Our courses are offered both during the day and evening.

We believe that your desire to learn, linked with Portland Beauty School’s training, we can both look forward to a successful and rewarding experience. We are committed to continued excellence and your education!

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