Preparing an Advertising Portfolio of SPEC ADS

Preparing an Advertising Portfolio of SPEC ADS
By Apryl Duncan,

Preparing an advertising portfolio of SPEC ADS may make you feel like an amateur but Creative Directors at advertising agencies have hired their fair share of budding copywriters and graphic designers based on SPEC ADS alone. If you're fresh out of college or just wanting to get started in advertising, this Q&A segment answers real questions people just like yourself ask every day.

Q: Some of my print ads are pretty simple and quite short and because they are text only, they only fill up a small portion of the page and therefore look a little 'blah'. I have used your idea about offsetting the page and using a designed background but there is still a lot of blank space. Should I just use bigger font?

A: Leave them alone. Making your font a larger size isn't going to fool a Creative Director about the length. It's going to draw even more attention to a short copy block. It's like when we were little and tried to write really big to take up the page when the teacher asked for a two page report.

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Apryl Duncan is an advertising and PR pro with more than a decade of experience working in the advertising, television, marketing and public relations industries. She's currently a freelance copywriter and online career course instructor helping budding ad gurus enhance their careers.
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