Pro Energy Consultants Franchise
Pro Energy Consultants Franchise

At Pro Energy, we believe that you can be successful in just about any industry if you're willing to work hard enough. But we also believe that it is much easier to be successful in an industry in which the demand is growing, the need is proven and the competition is scarce.

At Pro Energy, we’re committed to positioning our franchises to take advantage of one the most significant economic trends of today and tomorrow. With oil, gas and electric prices shooting ever skyward and the American public becoming more “Green” conscious than ever before, pundits predict that energy and environmental businesses have the some of the biggest potential for growth in the years to come. We’ve all become familiar with terms like “ground floor opportunity” or “to make real money you got to get in early”. Today, Pro Energy franchises are uttering those same phrases and reaping the rewards of their vision – a vision they share with everyone at Pro Energy - that energy and energy costs are not a passing concern. With the state of the economy, the state of our energy reserves, and the state of our environment, the new American awareness of energy usage is here to stay.

Our franchises are building thriving businesses and enjoying unparalleled success. Why are PRO ENERGY affiliates so happy?

* Real World Know-How - We offer the most comprehensive energy auditing training in the country. Our initial training program was specifically designed to prepare our affiliates to be certified level 1 Thermographers and to graduate with more hours of real-world, hands on practical business training than anywhere else.

* Get Trained by the Best in the Business - All of our affiliates are trained by PRO ENERGY Master Trainer, Mark Cannella, the #1 energy auditor in America. Mark is one of only a handful of energy auditors with more than a decade of experience and an acclaimed instructor for the State of Ohio Board and Building Standards.

* Building a Business with Passion – All Pro Energy franchises have three common character traits; an entrepreneurial spirit, a “from-the-heart” attitude for customer service, and a genuine “Green” streak. Pro Energy offers budding entrepreneurs the rare chance to build a successful business while following their passion for people and the environment, a passion that makes every day an enjoyable and meaningful one.

* Quality of Life - Our franchises are able to enjoy the quality of life that comes with building a significant income in a truly exploding industry, from the comfort of their own home. Without large staffs or commercial leases cutting into their profit margins, PRO ENERGY franchises possess a rare degree of freedom and flexibility, a flexibility that ensures that your life outside of work can be as equally rewarding as your life within it.

This is definitely an exciting time for PRO ENERGY and our franchises. If you’d like to know more, simply request more information.

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