Quick Cart Shopping Cart Store Builder

Quick Cart Shopping Cart Store Builder

About Ecommerce Transactions
There are several steps involved when your customer decides to use a credit card to buy from you online, just as there are in a traditional store.

Placing a Order online:
Your customer may browse to the your store, review your products and wish to purchase items. To order an item from your web site, your visitor will click on the item's name to zoom into the item detail page, from there they may add the item to their shopping cart and select item's options (if any) such as color or size. The customer will be able to review the contents of his shopping cart, including detailed information about his order. Your customer can choose to continue shopping or, when he's ready to purchase the things in his shopping cart, to go through your checkout process.

The checkout process includes:
1. A page where your customer can confirm the order
2. A place to register as a customer of your web site (this will add the visitor to your customer database automatically)
3. The opportunity to add personal billing and shipping information
4. The calculated shipping rate, is based on your selection under Shipping Method
5. The calculated sales tax, based on your selection in Sales Tax
6. The opportunity to read your terms of service, based on your Merchant Policy
7. An automatic confirmation email message that tells your customer you've received the order and are processing it

Transaction Processing and Authorization
When a customer submits an order, his credit card information is sent to your mechant account provider through the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, the most commonly used and safest way to send private information across the Internet today. Online Corporation of America / QuickCart.com then sends the information — through the payment gateway — to the bank that issued the credit card. This bank either authorizes or declines the transaction. (An authorization reduces your customer's available credit limit but does not yet place the charge on the customer's card.)

If the transaction is authorized, you ship the item(s) your customer ordered. Then you'll return to the Back Office Order section of of QuickCart and choose the Settle button to finalize the charge to your customer's credit card. It's important to note that MasterCard and Visa association rules state that you are not allowed to settle transactions until the ordered goods are shipped. (And don't worry, you'll find more information about the specifics of order management after you've been approved for a merchant account.)

Completing the Transaction
At the end of the day, QuickCart takes all of the orders you've settled that day and sends them in one batch to Payment Providers. In this step, the transactions are finalized; the money is transferred to your merchant bank account 48 to 72 business hours (five to seven days) after being sent to your payment provider.

If one of your customers returns an item either before or after the transaction has been settled, you may also void the transaction or issue a refund to his card using your merchant account.

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