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Resolution Research; Relevant Investigations for Accurate Decisions

Who We Are
Resolution Research & Marketing, Inc., is one of the most respected and trusted full service and online market research companies in the country. As a leading research firm, Resolution Research has a growing market research panel that includes consumers, business & IT executives and medical professionals. (Learn more at

Why We Need YOU
We invite you to join the Resolution Research panel and provide valuable feedback regarding the thoughts, needs and behaviors that shape our world. Your insights help direct the future of retail, government, utilities, medical, scientific, educational and corporate organizations. Your input may affect the types of products and services on the market, as well as pricing, design and other related issues. Not only will your answers help companies better meet the changing demands of today's customers, but your participation can ensure access to the products and services you need and desire.

What You Can Expect
Resolution Research conducts numerous market research projects for an array of clients throughout the world, covering topics from health to work and leisure. Our clientele operates in industries such as education, manufacturing, health care, law, advertising, transportation, utilities and computer-related services. As a panelist, you will be periodically invited to participate in Resolution Research studies. Consumers may be asked to give their feedback on new products or service features such as usefulness, market positioning or packaging. Physicians and other medical professionals may weigh in on health care policy issues or offer opinions on new medications and devices. Business & IT panelists may contribute their thoughts on corporate structuring changes or new technology. Your information is strictly confidential and is never passed on to third parties. Read our privacy statement.

Here's how it works:

1. In order to join the Resolution Research Panel, you must complete a short questionnaire to tell us about yourself. This will help to ensure that you participate in surveys & discussion groups that best fit your interests. To complete the questionnaire, click on Join Now and choose what panel you'd like to sign up for.
2. When a research study matches your profile or geography, we'll invite your participation via e-mail and/or phone. Participation is voluntary and we are committed to protecting your privacy.
3. If you are eligible for participation and complete the survey, you will generally receive an incentive for participation. You are informed of the incentive prior to participation. In most cases, the incentive is mailed to you.

Incentives provided by Resolution Research: Depending on the type of study, its length and sponsor, incentives range from sweepstake drawings to $5 to $400 gift or cash cards, free products and more.

On average, our panelists participate in 3 - 6 studies per year!

Remember: The more studies you participate in, the greater your reward. Participation is completely voluntary and you may cancel at any time.

How to Prepare
You must have Internet access and a valid e-mail address so we can invite you to participate in research studies. To be certain you receive every invitation, please add our e-mail address to your address book or to your list of trusted senders: and If you have a spam filter on your email account, please set your filter to allow all e-mail from the domain into your inbox.

There are a variety of online market research companies, but only Resolution Research offers the unique mix of research studies in addition to regular participation, the chance to win rewards, and honest, respected interactions. As one of several companies that pay for online surveys, we feel we offer our clients and panelists a great experience using efficient research methods.

We look forward to the insights you have to offer.

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