Resume Rabbit Affiliate Program

Resume Rabbit Affiliate Program

Resume Rabbit About Us
Increase your job opportunities with our one-stop resume posting to multiple job banks and job sites Resume Rabbit really gets your job search hopping!

Using Resume Rabbit is fast and effective! Start by completing our simple form (it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to fill it out). When submitted, this one form immediately performs resume posting on up to 87 major career web sites and job banks. Yes, you heard us correctly. One submission multiplies your career possibilities by 87! This save you days worth of time, and when it comes to finding a job opportunities, time is money!

Sit back and let employers find a job for you! When you submit the simple form, Resume Rabbit is off and running with your resume. Resume Rabbit instantly begins posting your resume and job requirements on major job sites such as, Yahoo! HotJobs, Career Builder, Dice and more! When you use Resume Rabbit, you are giving 1.5 million employers and recruiters the opportunity to find a job for you and make you an offer!

Resume Rabbit offers multiple categories of career sites. The choice is yours. You can submit your resume to a wide range of job search sites or take a more targeted, selective approach. The good news is we have done all the homework. We researched and identified the best job banks and career search sites. We also standardized all of the required information so that you only have to fill out our easy online form once!

Simply choose among the following categories: General Purpose, Information Technology, Sales & Marketing, and Accounting, and fill out our simple form. We'll handle the rest.

Why spend countless hours researching the web, gathering lists, searching classified ads, stuffing envelopes and sending faxes and e-mails when you can let Resume Rabbit do all of the work for you? It's quick, easy and, best of all, it's affordable. There is no better way to promote yourself in today's marketplace than with the speed and efficiency of Resume Rabbit.

Resume Rabbit service includes the following features:

* Password access to check status on your resume postings in real time
* A personal link list to all job search sites with your usernames and passwords
* Secure web servers and credit card transactions
* An easy-to-use resume builder if you need one
* Our assurance that your privacy is being protected

At Resume Rabbit, the privacy and security of your information is our biggest concern. All of your personal information is kept confidential and will not be shared with or sold to any third parties. Your resume and job requirements will only be distributed at your request to recognized career web sites.

Resume Rabbit uses state-of-the-art secure web servers with SSL encryption technology. Our digital certificates and payment services are provided by Verisign, the most trusted certificate authority and payment processor in the industry. For your added security, we are endorsed by the Better Business Bureau for our Reliability and Privacy Practices.

Resume Rabbit was established in 1999 to take all of the work out of finding a great job. Our plan was simple. Design a service we would want to use ourselves. We worked hard to make it effective, efficient and easy! We hope you like it.

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