Rich Enterprises, Inc.

Rich Enterprises, Inc.

Rich Enterprises, Inc. History
Rich Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1999 on the premise that businesses must not only maintain, but must always seek new revenues and Melissa Rich Honored by the Kansas Department of Commerce in 2007opportunities in order to succeed. We certainly look forward to answering your questions and meeting your outsourcing needs. We are proud to be an active member of our local Chamber of Commerce and professional business associations (such as the the Human Resources Professionals Association of Greater Emporia). In August of 2004, Rich Enterprises, Inc. was certified as a Woman Owned Business with the State of Kansas Department of Commerce. In 2004, Rich Enterprises, Inc. also established to handle customer service calls or warm calls.

Honored by the State of Kansas Rich Enterprises, Inc. was honored by the Kansas Department of Commerce on October 25, 2007 as the 2007 Women Owned Service Business of the year.

Our Founder
Melissa Rich, President, brought to the company experience in business management,sales, and marketing. She has successfully managed several nation wide teams of up to 45 sales representatives within a variety of industries.To date, she has managed a range of accounts including telecommunications, marketing, management consulting, retirement benefits, logistics, and many others. In addition, she also holds a Bachelors degree in accounting and has also been active in several business associations. In 2008, Melissa also obtained her CeM (Certification in eMarketing) through the eMarketing Association.

Our Future
The Rich Enterprises sales team is anxious to provide information about products, pricing, and answer your questions. Rich Enterprises, Inc. is responsible for a wide range of sales outsourcing services and looks forward to creating a sales solution and program that best suits your needs.

Our Contact Information
Please feel free to contact us via any of the following methods:

* Mailing Address - Rich Enterprises, Inc.- 2961 Road H - Americus KS 66835
* Toll Free Number - 888-443-5247
* Telephone Number - 620-443-5247
* Fax Number: 815-927-0110
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