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Since 1974, RitterAssociates has provided accurate, quantitative, and actionable customer measurement data that enable our clients to maximize their return on investment and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. RitterAssociates combines talent with technology to incorporate a greater degree of science in our research. This allows us to deliver the most effective customer service and satisfaction measurement programs to clients in all industries.

RitterAssociates creates custom measurement programs for your entire network of stores, brand subsidiaries, or special pilot projects. We partner with you to ensure that the RitterAssociates services you choose will deliver the intended results.

RitterAssociates reputation and continued success is dependent on the accurate delivery of information. We work closely with clients to define the performance factors they wish to evaluate and recommend the best program for obtaining information.

RitterAssociates workshops, seminars and consulting help our clients prepare employees at all levels to deliver exceptional customer service consistent with their vision and standards.

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