SDL International

SDL International

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SDL is the world leader in Global Information Management
Our mission is to help corporations drive global brand consistency and accelerate time-to-market by providing software and services to manage the delivery of all corporate information into different languages.

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SDL Company Profile
* Strong financials - public company with revenues of over $200M that enables SDL to invest in the future of the platform development
* Profitability - 7+ years of profitability
* Software R&D - $100+ million invested in technology platform development
* Worldwide Licenses in Use - over 170,000 worldwide users of SDL technology
* Proven technology - utilized by leading brands across every industry, seamlessly integrates a community or supply chain of providers
* Enterprise Deployments - over 400 solutions deployed across the world's leading brands
* Global Corporation - 50 offices in 30 countries

SDL currently operates 50 offices in more than 30 countries

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