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SERVICE 800 Background
Recognizing an emerging focus on quality, SERVICE 800 was founded in 1989 to provide resources and tools to help service organizations measure the quality of the services they deliver.

SERVICE 800's Philosophy
Do you know what your customers say about your service? Most of the time, you'll be the last to hear.

Studies show that most unsatisfied customers never talk to the company with whom they are dissatisfied, but they are far from quiet about their problems. Instead of talking to you, they'll talk to your current and potential customers and even your competitors!

Dissatisfied customers tell an average of 10 other people about their bad experience; 12 percent tell up to 20 people. If 20 customers are dissatisfied with your service, 19 won't tell you, 14 of the 20 will take their business elsewhere.

Up to 90 percent of dissatisfied customers will not buy from you again, and they won't tell you why.

In today's competitive environment, SERVICE 800 understands how important real-time customer feedback is to you. We help keep you focused on service quality, the key variable that distinguishes you from your competitors.

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