Sand Springs Beauty College

Sand Springs Beauty College
28 East Second Street
Sand Springs, OK 74063
918-245-6627 (Voice)
918-241-1822 (Fax)

Jenks Campus
535 West Main
Jenks, OK 74037
918-299-0901 (Voice)
918-299-7053 (Fax)

Mission Statement.
The mission of the college is to employ, encourage and promote the very best skilled people available. Without great employees, we cannot have a great school. In addition, the mission of the college is to add value to our students and ourselves by expanding our knowledge and to keep up with the trends and fashions that are the backbone of our industry.

Our mission is to provide education in the field of cosmetology arts and sciences, manicuring technology and facial aesthetics for those students who plan to complete the course.

Our mission is to provide programs of technical education to prepare individuals to enter the labor market in the field of cosmetology. The college will provide both formal and informal programs of study especially designed for adults and out-of-school youth in order to serve the community generally with a continuing educational opportunity.

The College offers educational opportunities leading to diplomas, and/or self-improvement in a supportive learning environment conducive to the development of the student's potential.

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