SandFree Wood Floor Refinishing Franchise
SandFree Wood Floor Refinishing Franchise

* Prepares your existing floor to receive a new coat of urethane without sanding.
* It is dustless.
* It is sandless.
* All products are all child, pet, and environmentally friendly.
* Same urethane Brunswick uses on their bowling alleys.
* Home Owners - The urethane should last 6-8 years and is available in satin, semi-gloss, and gloss.
* Home Sellers - we have a less expensive product that will look good for a shorter period of time.
* Floor repairs, furniture movement, carpet and pad take-up available.
* Certified "Green".

SandFree® Wood Floor Refinishing may be a business opportunity that will meet your needs of profitability, independence, and cutting edge technology. With the addition of the Color Magic service, SandFree® answers most of the needs of the customer who wants refinished floors but doesn't want to live through the dust, mess, and disruption that a traditional sanding, staining, and refinishing causes.

* The Initial Franchise Fees start at $3,000.
* Based on the size of your franchise fee, payment terms, over not more than 12 months, can be arranged, with no interest, although a 1/3 deposit is always required. In a few months, your business should be doing well enough, to pay the franchise fee for you.
* Your Franchise Fee will be based on the territory you select, if it is available.
* SandFree® was developed for commercial customers. It is a system that is well received by colleges, museums, schools, and restaurants. The more knowledgeable the purchasing agent, the more they will like SandFree®.
* SandFree® has also been used in thousands of homes. If the homeowner wants a beautiful floor to provide years of great service, our commercial system is used. If the homeowner would like to polish their floor for a possible sale, we have alternate finishes that can be used.
* As you'll see, when you get the Universal Franchise Offering Circular, there is no requirement that this be the only franchise you're involved in. We feel it is to your best advantage, to use SandFree® as one service that you offer a customer, but you want to offer other interior services also - carpet, tile, carpet cleaning, etc. This is what we do. If you are a painter, carpenter, flooring installer, SandFree™ is an additional service that you should offer.
* As I've said to the potential franchisees who have visited, the system works. Your success will depend on your ability to market the service especially to commercial accounts.
* We can introduce you to a new and growing market and help you get started in your own business with a system that is in place, and has a proven track record.

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