Scent-Sations Opportunity

Scent-Sations Opportunity

How It All Began...
Bob Scocozzo and Charles Umphred were introduced to home-based network marketing in 1988. They have reached top-level positions in every company they were associated with and have had organizations of over 50,000 distributors globally.

Carmen and Lynn Milazzo started making candles in their kitchen over a decade ago. They were one of the first companies to introduce candles to the fundraising industry and built a huge, thriving business in retail, wholesale and fundraising.

While doing a “candle fundraiser” for his son's sports team, Bob started talking to the manufacturers of those candles, Carmen and Lynn Milazzo. They told Bob about a new candle they had been working on for a few years which was made from “alternative” ingredients such as vegetables and other natural, renewable sources. What got Bob's attention was the fact that this new candle burned practically soot free and it smelled better than any candle Bob had ever smelled.

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