Service Sleuth Mystery Shopping

Service Sleuth Mystery Shopping

What We Do
Service Sleuth will send an experienced auditor to your store, restaurant or other business for an anonymous, unannounced site visit. Frequently, the “shopper” will have a background in the same business or one very similar. The shopper will observe and report on aspects of your business such as:

• PROCEDURES - Policies, selling skills, merchandising and more...
• OPERATIONS - Cleanliness, safety, security, staffing...
• INTEGRITY - The handling of cash, customer receipts...
• CUSTOMER SERVICE - Courtesy, customer interaction, problem solving
• RETENTION ISSUES - Unsolved problems that would keep a customer from returning or recommending your business
• GAMING EVALUATIONS - Slots, Table Games, Cage, etc

Your report will be available within a few days at our Sherlock site. Our reports usually include a questionnaire plus comments and a narrative.

Telephone: 800-723-1150
Fax: 800-647-8570

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