About Us
What We Do:
* ServiceSense designs and manages mystery shopping programs and customer feedback programs.
* We identify, document and then benchmark your customers' moments of truth: the key steps and opportunities that define the ideal customer experience.
* Then, we measure the skill with which employees deliver the steps of service they've been trained.

Measure What Really Counts To Your Customers:
* Management tools that quantify the customer experience allow owners and managers a method to track, and therefore manage what really counts to your customers.
* We build a hymn sheet for managers to focus their staff on consistent excellence and maximize the sales opportunity in every customer visit.

Actionable Results:
* ServiceSense reports pinpoint opportunities for improvement, document excellent performance for recognition opportunities, and inform future training and strategic planning decisions.

Specializing In:
* Traditional Mystery Shopping, Competitor Shops and Benchmarking Studies
* Daily Customer Surveys – Web-based Satisfaction Survey
and Customer Care Management
* Call Center Performance Measurement Systems
* Non-Traditional Mystery Shopping for Direct Selling environments

Company Background:
ServiceSense was founded in 1995. Our partners are experienced veterans in hospitality and retail environments with more than 50 years experience in managing and motivating line, sales and management staff. We have the depth of experience to understand and respect the realities and priorities of our clients' operations.

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