Sessions Online School of Design

Sessions Online School of Design

Sessions Online® has since 1997 provided an unparalleled learning experience for creative professionals around the world. Coupling rigorous academic programs with a unique, "one-to-one" teaching/mentoring approach and groundbreaking student social and networking opportunities, Sessions OnlinE® School of Design, School of Game Art and School of Fine Arts fosters unlimited creative expression within the highly accessible and flexible environment of a human-centric fully online school.

We're About Transformation…
In 1997, in the infancy of online education, our premise was simple, yet daring… we believed we could transform the way creative people would learn design skills and concepts. Further, we believed we could transform online learning. And we did. We created a nurturing learning environment that fostered artistic expression taught by accomplished designers who are passionate about teaching.

Less than a decade later, our success has transformed Sessions from an industry pioneer to a leader in online education.

We're About Results...

How successful have we been? You decide…

Satisfied Students
• 95% of our students feel that they have met or would meet their design learning objectives (DETC student poll, 2004)
• Over 45% of our students come back and take more courses and programs
• An average of 79% of students who enroll complete their courses

Industry Recognized Credentials
• First online school licensed by the New York State Department of Education
• Faculty licensed by the New York State Department of Education
• Acceptance of our proprietary online teaching methodology course by the New York State Department of Education
• Accredited by the Distance Education Training Council since 2001

We're About Evolution...

Our reach now goes beyond our own educational organization.

For select colleges, universities, and corporations that seek to enter or expand their presence in the exciting world of distance education, Sessions now offers our expertise and experience in those areas that will transform your own organization.

Organizations that "get powered by Sessions" expand their reach and do so quickly and with outstanding results. Essentially, they teach more students because they reach more students.

And we are pushing the online education experience into unexpected areas. Look for DesignTeam® – a visionary interpretation of real world creative teams competing for professional roles, clients, and projects. And don't miss our presence in the world of publishing as we apply our unique mentoring educational model in books and periodicals for the design professional.

You're invited... see more closely how we make Sessions the success story it is. We're happy to show you how you can transform your own school or training center with online educational offerings that bring increased growth and improved student satisfaction.

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General Inquiries: 1 800.258.4115 ext. 7 (from the US)
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