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ShadowShopper is unique in the mystery shopping industry. We are not the company that's shopped, a mystery shopping company or a mystery shopping scheduler. Instead, we are an impartial and independent company, serving the best interests of the mystery shopper AND mystery shopping companies. The best way to think of us is as the "eBay" of mystery shopping. While we DO NOT auction jobs, we DO put shoppers and mystery shopping job schedulers together online. For job schedulers, we enable them to post the mystery shopping jobs they are trying to fill in the easiest way possible and get these jobs to thousands of qualified, targeted and motivated shoppers nationwide. For mystery shoppers who are looking for work, we get them the job opportunities they want; in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Here's how we do this:

Step 1 - We learn about you
You begin by completing our comprehensive Shopper Profile. With over 60 distinctions that can set you apart, you'll be establishing your unique credentials for mystery shopping job schedulers to see when they're looking for just the right mystery shopperÖ which could be you!

Step 2 - You learn more about mystery shopping
With the articles and certification opportunities ShadowShopper provides, you can learn more about successful mystery shoppers, how the industry has grown and developed, and what mystery shopping companies are looking for in their shoppers.

Step 3 - We find you real jobs in your area
For Gold and Silver members, our web site will take your profile and match it instantly with jobs from our hundreds of nationwide mystery shopping companies that become available in your coverage area. These are precisely the jobs that fit the profile you've established, and they're delivered right to your email inbox, so you don't have to spend hours every night surfing job boards or sorting through endless postings that aren't what you want or near your home. You have better things to do, that's why there's no wasted time with ShadowShopper.

Step 4 - You contact the scheduler of the jobs you'd like to have
As you review the job notifications that come in, you'll selectively choose only the jobs you'd like to mystery shop. Click on the job number in the email, and we'll take you to our secure area with the complete job profile and contact information. If it's right for you, just contact the job scheduler directly. You're on your way to mystery shopping!

Step 5 - You win the job and prepare to eat or shop
Our experienced, certified and proven ShadowShoppers win jobs constantly, and when you win yours, you'll be given complete instructions on where, when and how to complete your mystery shopping assignment. If training is necessary, it will be provided to you free of charge!

Step 6 - You become a mystery shopper
You've reviewed your assignment, you're dressed appropriately, and you're ready to shop, soÖ It's time to become a mystery shopper and put those store employees to the test.

Step 7 - You finish the job from home
After you've finished your assignment, you come home, complete your mystery shopping report, and send it off to your employer contact. Now just sit back and wait for your check, product or reimbursement! Congratulations, you're a ShadowShopper!

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