Shopster - Drop Shipping | Online Store Front
Shopster - Drop Shipping | Online Store Front

About Shopster
Founded in April 2004, Shopster e-Commerce, Inc. is a complete e-Commerce and product source solution provider. Our two-tiered product offering allows our consumers the opportunity to utilize our exclusive software within the boundaries of their unique business needs.

Shopster e-Commerce allows a new retailer to build a multi-channel online business, complete with hosted storefront.

Shopster Product Source allows established retailers the ability to expand and expedite their existing business processes by gaining access to our extensive product source warehouse and auction listing tools.

The Shopster warehouse makes available over 1,000,000 dropship products ranging from electronics, children toys, books, sporting equipment, clothing, and accessories. Our world-class system provides retailers the functionality to sell through online auctions like eBay or other online storefronts.

Shopster has customers in 22 countries and provides full service dropshipping to both the United States and Canada. Our US headquarters are located overlooking the bay in downtown San Francisco, California and our Canadian headquarters are located in the trendy shopping district of 17th Ave in Calgary, Alberta.

The company has recently been featured in several print and online publications including:

* Forbes
* Cnet news
* e-Commerce Times
* Revenue magazine

1202 - 20th Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2G 1M8
Phone: 1-800-580-0192

United States
Suite 2450, 101 California Street,
San Francisco, California 94111
United States
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