Signature Greetings Cards LLC

Signature Greetings Cards LLC

Smart Start Program
The Smart Start Program is intended for people who are really serious about starting a greeting card mailing business.

This comprehensive program provides you with all of Signature Greetings' tools, trade secrets, marketing materials and ongoing support to help you get started fast, be successful and grow your business.
What do you get with the Smart Start Program?

* Signature Greetings Mailings Manager Software for $6,995.00.
* Your own Personalized Turnkey Website with Third Party Signup and Hosting.
* $500.00 Worth of Airfare, Transfers and Hotel Accommodations for Three Day Training in Raleigh, NC.
* Three Days of Concentrated One-on-One Training included but no limited to:
o Individualized Software Training.
o Practice Sales Presentations-Group and Individual.
o How to Overcome Sales Objections.
o Do’s and Don’ts of Sales.
o Marketing of Greeting Card Mailing Services.
o Forms/Systems/Marketing Manual.
o Small Business/Home Office Tips.
o Practice Sessions Using Signature Greetings Mailings Manager Software.
* Introduction and Implementation of Signature Greetings Most Profitable Industry Specific Mailing Programs.
* Additional Office Forms, Systems and Marketing Materials.
* Ongoing Introduction to New Cards.
* Access to Custom Greeting Card Creations.
* Classic Card Collection.
* A Total of 500 Greeting Cards and Envelope Inventory.
* Setup of Accounting Program with direct export from Signature Greetings Mailings Manager Software.
* Ongoing Software and Technical Support.
* Ongoing Business Mentoring.

6712 Virgilia Ct, Suite 101
Raleigh, NC 27616

Toll Free: 1-800-331-4097
Telephone: 919-981-5736
Fax: 919-954-4842

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