Sky Zone Franchises
Sky Zone Franchises

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Parks are the world's first interlocking all-trampoline walled playing fields, with a patented system designed by top engineers, welders and carpenters.

Since our affiliate opened the first Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, we have enjoyed media coverage, tremendous popularity, and now we are looking to expand into select new markets through our franchise program.

Sky Zone occupies a unique niche that combines sports, fitness, and entertainment. From children to seniors and from pro athletes to the physically disabled, Sky Zone has something for everyone – and that could mean the possibility of an incredibly rewarding future for you!

Join us!

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park franchises are offered through SkyZone Franchise Group, LLC, which is licensed to sell and offer franchises by its affiliate, Sky Zone, LLC. Our franchises are not available in some states. Other affiliates of these companies own and operate facilities in California, Missouri, and Nevada.

Each Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park franchise will be independently owned and operated.

For more information on the Sky Zone franchise program, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request a brochure, or contact us at 877-339-3288 (franchise inquiries only please).
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