About SmartCart LLC

SmartCart's Mission - To help businesses and individuals operate a successful online business that best facilitates the needs of the shopper and the seller.

SmartCart LLC (formerly Bizcom International LLC) exclusively hosts and manages SmartCart Ecommerce Systems, and has been providing professional web development, reliable web hosting and secure ecommerce services to their clients since 1995.

A true pioneer in the ecommerce industry, SmartCart was one of the first ecommerce solutions available for businesses and individuals that wanted to sell their products and services online. SmartCart was launched in 1996, when e-business became a term and was just beginning to gain momentum. Proudly, SmartCart LLC is still serving clients who launched their online businesses using SmartCart Ecommerce more than 10 years ago.

Over the years, SmartCart has evolved along with the advancements in ecommerce technology. Today, SmartCart continues to provide an individualized service and strives to impress each client by helping them operate a successful online business.

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