Spa Tech Institute School of Cosmetology
Spa Tech Institute School of Cosmetology
1041 Brighton Ave
Portland, ME 04102-1042

Our mission is to provide every student with the skills and inspiration needed to become successful professionals in the fields of Holistic Health, Cosmetology and Spa Services.

About the School
Spa Tech Institute was founded in 1976 as Headhunter School of Hair Design. In 2001 the school was purchased by Kris Stecker with the vision to create one of the leading spa, beauty and wellness schools in the world.

By combining the work taught by the Polarity Realization Institute, a leading school of Polarity and Massage Therapy, along with the existing and more mature field of cosmetology, the school represents the future of both fields. With the addition of a unique aesthetics program designed to focus on healthy skin and conscious touch, the school has fulfilled its initial mission.

By expanding the school to include locations in Ipswich, Plymouth and Westboro, Massachusetts as well as the locations in Portland and Westbrook, Maine, the school has become the premier provider of well trained professionals in New England. Employers have come to rely on Spa Tech Institute to provide the skilled professionals needed to run a successful salon, spa, clinic or private practice.

In 2006 Spa Tech Institute completed its reaccreditation with NACCAS with a perfect review in all five locations. The accrediting agency issued a letter and certificate of commendation for the excellence of the school's five locations.

The new goals of the school are to continue to increase the number of graduates with successful practices and continue to pioneer the integration of the RYSE energy work and HumanHaptics in the field of education. Additionally we are expanding our CEU classes to allow graduates of other programs to learn more about the unique work taught at the school.

We look forward to sharing this work with you so you may take it into the world to share with others.

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