About Us
SpectraMedi was founded to provide superior medical transcription services in various branches of medicine. With a humble beginning in 1999, the company has grown in size and stature and ventured into new areas related to medical transcription. We realized the need to serve our customers around-the-clock, seven days a week, and thus started operations in India. This enabled us to reap the advantages of time zone differences and to provide faster turnaround and better quality service by a highly educated workforce.

We have been successful in integrating advancements in technology with transcription services. Our continual investment in technology and experienced manpower enables us to serve hospitals, clinics, group practices, and individual practices of various sizes anywhere in the U.S. This has established us as a one-stop-shop for all dictation/transcription needs.

Our operation in India is based at Cochin, Kerala, the most literate state in India. There we have the advantage of an excellent workforce and stable high-speed Internet access within our modern spacious building.

We are a leading company with expertise and an excellent track record in both medical transcription and computer systems to meet all your needs.
Our Team

The most valuable asset SpectraMedi has to offer is our core team of medical transcriptionists and systems professionals. We derive our strength from combining the expertise of experienced, well trained, responsible, and dedicated medical language specialists with creative and innovative Information Technology professionals.

Transcriptionists are the backbone of our HIPAA compliant medical transcription service. We are a U.S.-based company serving a roster of prestigious American medical hospitals, institutions, and group and private practices. Our team totals over 300 transcriptionists in our combined locations. They are trained and monitored closely for quality control to provide accurate and timely transcription service. If your purchasing arrangements require transcription to be done exclusively in the U.S., we can comply with your wishes.
Our Team includes

* Board-certified physician
* Transcriptionists, many with over 20 years of individual experience
* Dedicated computer systems engineers

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