Spectrum Discovery Center
Spectrum Discovery Center,
554 Central Avenue,
New Providence NJ 07974

T: (908)376-7050
F: (908)376-7040

What are we all about?
As a member of the Spectrum Discovery Center’s opinion team, you have the unique opportunity to influence what consumer product manufacturers and retailers make and sell to the public. The consumers’ opinion is essential to a product’s successful launch and maintenance.

Why do we need you?
The Spectrum Discovery Center provides a state of the art testing facility to gather the consumer’s opinion; however, our dedicated staff of researchers, technicians and administrators cannot do it alone. We need consumers who are interested in trying new and existing products and are willing to give their opinions by completing a questionnaire or participating in a group or one-on-one discussion. We test a wide variety of products such as foods, beverages, oral health, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, fabrics, paper, household products, pet care products and fragrances. You have the opportunity to test the products on-site or at home, fill out a questionnaire answering questions about the products or participate in a group discussion, and of course you will be paid for your participation. The information collected is used by manufacturers and retailers to make decisions about launching a new product or changing an existing one.

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