Spectrum Homes Services Franchise
Spectrum Homes Services Franchise

Welcome to Spectrum Home Services, America�s premier, full home services company!
Spectrum Home Services was formed in 2000 as a result of Jenny Nelson's Masters Project. Jenny Nelson, a registered Physical Therapist, decided to go back and receive her Masters in Gerontology. As part of the Masters in Gerontology program, Jenny had to develop a business plan focusing on the needs of seniors.

As a Physical Therapist, she would constantly see people she had cared for in the nursing home return because they had re-injured themselves trying to maintain their homes. The desire was to develop business plan to address this need.

Jenny developed the Spectrum Home Services business plan in order to address these home maintenance issues. At the time, the mainstream philosophy within the health care industry was that senior care companies only addressed those issues dealing with the clients care. That philosophy failed to take into account that the need to maintain the home was also a crucial part of allowing the client to live independently.

Needless to say, Jenny's professor was skeptical and gave her a C. Jenny is not one to accept a C. Upset with the grade, she promptly had her Husband Tony Nelson, a licensed Realtor and Property Manger, read the plan. Tony read the business plan and realized the need for seniors but also recognized that busy homeowners, baby-boomers, and real estate professionals needed the same all inclusive services. Tony encouraged Jenny to discuss the grade with her professor.

The next day Tony promptly quit his property management job and focused his efforts full time on building the Spectrum Home Service model into a successful business. Jenny argued her grade with the skeptical professor and had the grade change to a B.

Today, the once skeptical professor is a long time client of Spectrum Home Services, was the keynote speaker at the first Spectrum Home Services Franchisee Conference and is a big supporter of Spectrum Home Services mission and efforts.

Since the inception of the company, Spectrum Home Services clientle has grown to include busy homeowners, young mothers, real estate companies, seniors, non-medical senior care companies, home health agencies, durable medical equipment providers and many more. Our primary goal is to create a safe, well-maintained environment for each of our clients, no matter what stage of life they're in.

At Spectrum Home Services we realize that our clients have various home service needs ranging from active seniors, busy homeowners, and professionals. When you call a Spectrum Home Services office, you can be assured that your priorities become our priorities and that we will do everything we can to meet your needs.

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