Start Tutoring From Home

Start Tutoring From Home
By Beth Lewis

Translating Your Teaching Skills Into Tutoring Success
Recently, I started a tutoring business in addition to my classroom teaching. This works really well for me at the moment because I am teaching part-time, so I have plenty of time and sanity left for a few hours of one-on-one tutoring in the afternoons.

If you’re teaching full-time, I would not recommend adding any other responsibilities to the mix, much less ones that involve more time spent with other people’s children!

However, if you are in a situation where tutoring would enrich your life and/or your bank account, then I’d like to help you out by giving you an overview of how I planned and implemented my tutoring business plan.

1. First think big picture. – What subjects are you qualified to teach? How can you prove to prospective clients that you have the knowledge and experience for these subjects? I've found that there is the most demand for high school math tutors. If you are competent and comfortable teaching Algebra and Geometry, you will have way less trouble finding clients. I am a little rusty on these subjects, but I am taking a lot of time right now brushing up on my high school math. I figure that I only have to do it once and then I will be back on track to tutor math for the foreseeable future with no worries.

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Beth Lewis is a teacher who has always used the Internet to streamline and simplify her efforts in the classroom.

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