Start a Lawn Care Business - Quoting on a new Customer Account

Start a Lawn Care Business - Quoting on a new Customer Account
by Steve Sutherland
Nov. 21, 2008

When starting out in the Lawn Care Business one of the most difficult aspects of the business is quoting on a new customer account or telling them how much it will cost them to mow their lawns.

Pricing a lawn job correctly is important. If you price too high above market rates then your offer will be rejected by the prospect. If you price too low then you are leaving money on the table, risk making little profit on the job and risk damaging the local industry by ‘low balling’ your competitors by being too cheap.

If you have the backing of a popular brand, you are a gifted salesman or an ability to know what price a customer can bear then you can call high, but if you are just starting out then it is important to hit fair value accurately.

The best approach to pricing is to do it when the prospect is home so that you can take some time to build a relationship with them. However if you are new to the lawn business it would be easier to price a lawn while a customer is out as you could take some time to examine and measure the properties lawns and come up with a better quote, instead of being on the spot and getting it totally wrong. Other ideas for getting in ahead include turning up early for a look or even using Google Earth to get an idea of the shape and size of a property’s lawns.

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